Teeth Whitening Side Effects

cosmetic dentistry vero beach flAdvancements in cosmetic dentistry in Vero Beach, FL, have created new opportunities for clients to experience safer and more affordable options for teeth whitening services. Having a smile that you can be proud to wear can start with a simple teeth whitening treatment. Whether you are seeking DIY home remedies, over the counter whitening kits, or professional teeth whitening treatments from a cosmetic dentist, there are many reasons to invest in your smile. Teeth whitening products are considered safe but can cause some minor side effects after treatment. Below we discuss a few of the side effects you may experience with teeth whitening products.

  • Teeth Sensitivity

Your teeth may become sensitive following teeth whitening treatments. Teeth sensitivity can increase after the first couple treatments and can be more noticeable while eating or drinking hot and cold items. If you experience teeth sensitivity after treatment, you may be recommended to try products that feature potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel.

  • Irritated Gums

If the whitening products come into contact with your gums, you may notice gingival irritation. Gum irritation will eventually go away after a few treatments but could be uncomfortable for a few days.

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