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Why Fillings are Important

Dentist in Vero Beach, FLHave you noticed a lingering pain in your mouth? There is a possibility that you may need fillings in one or more of your teeth. If you have never had a filling before, you can rest assured that this is a fairly straightforward process. Take a look at these benefits to getting fillings:

Repair Your Teeth – Fillings are typically used on teeth that have cavities in them, but they can also be applied to teeth that are cracked or worn down. Your dentist will look at your teeth and see if you are a candidate for fillings to repair these teeth.

Look Natural – Many fillings used to be gaudy and obvious, but it is not that way anymore. In fact, filling technology has come such a long way that dentists can now match the filling to the shade of your tooth. This means the only person who will know that you have a filling is you and your dentist.

Prevent Further Issues – When you let a cavity sit untreated, it will not get better. If you allow the decay to take over your tooth, you can permanently damage your tooth. The dentist will have to pull the tooth, and you will have to get a bridge or dentures.

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Foods That Damage Your Teeth: Part 1

dentist vero beach flAt Michael P. Gurklis DMD, we strive to educate our clients to help them understand safe dental practices to help protect their smiles. When it comes to protecting your pearly whites, there are many food items in your diet that you may need to eliminate because they are harming your teeth. Below we list the top food items you should avoid eating.

  • Hard Candy

Hard candies may be enjoyable to eat, but these food items contain high levels of sugar that can lead to cavities. Additionally, hard candies pose a threat because they can cause broken and chipped teeth. We recommend substituting sugarless gum to satisfy your sweet teeth.

  • Ice

Although ice doesn’t contain sugar or other harmful ingredients, chewing on ice is very harmful to your teeth. Since ice is a hard substance, making a habit of eating on ice can lead to dental emergencies.

  • Citrus Fruits

When people think of oranges and grapefruits, they often group these food items as healthy. Although fruit is good for your immune system, acidic fruit is not good for your teeth. Acidic foods can cause your teeth to decay over time.

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