Why Fillings are Important

Dentist in Vero Beach, FLHave you noticed a lingering pain in your mouth? There is a possibility that you may need fillings in one or more of your teeth. If you have never had a filling before, you can rest assured that this is a fairly straightforward process. Take a look at these benefits to getting fillings:

Repair Your Teeth – Fillings are typically used on teeth that have cavities in them, but they can also be applied to teeth that are cracked or worn down. Your dentist will look at your teeth and see if you are a candidate for fillings to repair these teeth.

Look Natural – Many fillings used to be gaudy and obvious, but it is not that way anymore. In fact, filling technology has come such a long way that dentists can now match the filling to the shade of your tooth. This means the only person who will know that you have a filling is you and your dentist.

Prevent Further Issues – When you let a cavity sit untreated, it will not get better. If you allow the decay to take over your tooth, you can permanently damage your tooth. The dentist will have to pull the tooth, and you will have to get a bridge or dentures.

If you are in need of a dentist in Vero Beach, FL, to assist you with your teeth, you can contact Michael P. Gurklis DMD. Dr. Gurklis and his team are ready to help you improve your dental health today.

Choosing Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures in Vero Beach, FLMaking sure that you are able to eat, smile, and go about your life without having to worry about people judging you for issues related to your teeth is important to Michael P. Gurklis DMD. Dr. Gurklis and his team are proud to offer implant-supported dentures in Vero Beach, FL, for people looking for permanent solutions to their dental health issues.

If you do not have any teeth in your jaw, but do have enough bone in the jaw to support implants, this is a good option for you. Unlike regular dentures that rest on the gums, these options are supported by and attached to implants. When you request this choice, Dr. Gurklis will typically make a standard denture for the upper jaw and an implant-supported selection for the lower jaw, as conventional dentures tend to be less stable on the lower jaw. That said, you can receive these dentures in both areas.

Make an appointment to speak with Dr. Gurklis about implant-supported dentures today. All you have to do is call (772) 978-9788 to make an appointment for his services. He will sit down with you, discuss your needs, and see if you are a good candidate for these dentures.

Understanding Dental Bridges

Dentist Near Me in Vero Beach, FLMichael P. Gurklis DMD knows that dealing with dental issues can be complicated. There are a lot of things you need to learn about before you have work done in your mouth. Dr. Gurklis is available to help you understand his services.

Have you been told that you are a candidate for a dental bridge? This procedure consists of adding an artificial tooth between two anchor teeth, filling the space and allowing you to smile and eat with ease. These three teeth are splinted together and cemented as one single tooth. Many people prefer to have a bridge when a tooth goes missing, as it is an affordable and low-risk option. Dentists have been giving people bridges for many years, and bridges can last for many years.

You can count on Dr. Gurklis and his team to assist you with a bridge, as well as many other services, when you are searching for a “dentist near me in Vero Beach, FL.” He is happy to talk about the options available to you and come up with a treatment plan to improve your dental health. From these more extensive procedures to simple dental cleanings, you can trust Dr. Gurklis and his staff when you need dental care.

The Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning in Vero Beach, FLLet people know that you are ready to take on the day with a smile by having your teeth cleaned. Here are some benefits to booking a cleaning:

Feel Confident Whenever You Speak – If you feel like everyone is judging you every time you open your mouth, you can gain the confidence you need to speak in public with dental cleaning services. Our dentist will work to get rid of any plaque, as well as stains on your teeth.

Get Rid of the Signs of Smoking – Have you quit smoking recently? If so, it is likely that your teeth still look yellow from the years of tobacco use. You can start the path to whiter teeth by scheduling dental cleaning services today. This is a wonderful treat for anyone who is tired of that tobacco-stained smile.

Ensure Your Teeth Stay Healthy – When you go to the dentist for regular teeth cleanings, you can also schedule a checkup to make sure your teeth and gums are happy at all times. Dr. Gurklis and his team are always working hard to make sure you smile looks excellent at all times.

Call Michael P. Gurklis DMD to book a dental cleaning in Vero Beach, FL. From cleaning and cosmetic services to restorative dentistry, Dr. Gurklis and his team are there for you.

Foods That Damage Your Teeth: Part 2

dental services vero beach flIn a previous blog post, we discussed certain foods that are not good for your overall oral health. At Michael P. Gurklis DMD, it is essential to our practice that we inform our patients of simple ways they can improve their smile. Below we continue our list of top foods that are damaging to your teeth.

  • Coffee

Although coffee itself is not considered to be unhealthy, added sugar in your coffee can lead to dental damage and cavities. Also, excessive coffee drinking can lead to staining of your teeth.

  • Dried Fruit

Since fruit is considered to be healthy, many people choose to eat dried fruit as a snack. Dried fruit is often a sticky consistency, which is not good for your teeth since sticky foods stay on your teeth longer than most.

  • Potato Chips

Crunchy foods such as potato chips contain high levels of starch. Starch can get stuck in your teeth, causing future dental concerns.

  • Soda

Sugary drinks such as soda contain high levels of acids that eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Many carbonated beverages have this effect on your teeth.

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Foods That Damage Your Teeth: Part 1

dentist vero beach flAt Michael P. Gurklis DMD, we strive to educate our clients to help them understand safe dental practices to help protect their smiles. When it comes to protecting your pearly whites, there are many food items in your diet that you may need to eliminate because they are harming your teeth. Below we list the top food items you should avoid eating.

  • Hard Candy

Hard candies may be enjoyable to eat, but these food items contain high levels of sugar that can lead to cavities. Additionally, hard candies pose a threat because they can cause broken and chipped teeth. We recommend substituting sugarless gum to satisfy your sweet teeth.

  • Ice

Although ice doesn’t contain sugar or other harmful ingredients, chewing on ice is very harmful to your teeth. Since ice is a hard substance, making a habit of eating on ice can lead to dental emergencies.

  • Citrus Fruits

When people think of oranges and grapefruits, they often group these food items as healthy. Although fruit is good for your immune system, acidic fruit is not good for your teeth. Acidic foods can cause your teeth to decay over time.

If you are interested in learning more about our dental services, contact our dentist in Vero Beach, FL, by calling (772) 978-9788.

Teeth Whitening Side Effects

cosmetic dentistry vero beach flAdvancements in cosmetic dentistry in Vero Beach, FL, have created new opportunities for clients to experience safer and more affordable options for teeth whitening services. Having a smile that you can be proud to wear can start with a simple teeth whitening treatment. Whether you are seeking DIY home remedies, over the counter whitening kits, or professional teeth whitening treatments from a cosmetic dentist, there are many reasons to invest in your smile. Teeth whitening products are considered safe but can cause some minor side effects after treatment. Below we discuss a few of the side effects you may experience with teeth whitening products.

  • Teeth Sensitivity

Your teeth may become sensitive following teeth whitening treatments. Teeth sensitivity can increase after the first couple treatments and can be more noticeable while eating or drinking hot and cold items. If you experience teeth sensitivity after treatment, you may be recommended to try products that feature potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel.

  • Irritated Gums

If the whitening products come into contact with your gums, you may notice gingival irritation. Gum irritation will eventually go away after a few treatments but could be uncomfortable for a few days.

If you are interested in learning more about our teeth whitening services, contact us today at (772) 978-9788.

Three Reasons to Choose Michael P. Gurklis DMD

dentist near me vero beach flWhen you find yourself searching for a “dentist near me in Vero Beach, FL,” look to Michael P. Gurklis DMD for safe and comprehensive dental care. We understand there are many dentists in the area that would like the opportunity to serve you, which is why we strive to show our dedication to our clients by offering superior services that set our practice apart. Below we list three reasons why you should choose Michael P. Gurklis DMD to be your dentist in Vero Beach, FL.

  • Our dental practice understands that people’s time is valuable, which is why we strive to offer convenient services to our clients. We offer flexible schedules to ensure we can see you and your family regularly for your dental checkups. We also offer convenient online patient forms to fill out before your appointment on your own time.
  • We offer dental services for everyone in the family. We provide prevention, restoration, and cosmetic dentistry options.
  • Our practice offers financing options for your dental needs, such as Care Credit.

If you are interested in learning more about our dental services, we encourage you to reach out to our practice. Contact us today at (772) 978-9788 to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to serving you and your family with your dental needs.

Welcome to Michael P. Gurklis DMD Blog

dental services vero beach flWelcome to Michael P. Gurklis DMD Blog! Smile brighter with help from our dental services in Vero Beach, FL. We strive to create comfortable and functional dental solutions for our clients to enhance their overall health and well-being. We offer a wide variety of restorative and cosmetic services while utilizing the latest technology, innovative strategies, and superior dental materials. For your convenience, we discuss some of our dental services below.

  • Prevention

Our preventative service includes a professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth. We offer our professional advice on dental hygiene, sealants, decay and disease, and other common dental issues to help you prevent future problems.

  • Restoration

Restore your teeth with fillings and teeth replacements, such as bridgework, dentures, and dental implants.

  • Cosmetic Procedures

Enhance your smile with our cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, bonding, and veneers.

  • Health

Your dental situation can ultimately impact your overall health. It is important to maintain your teeth to protect yourself from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and other issues.

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