Patient smiling in chair

 Dentist in Vero Beach, FL

Practice maximum oral health throughout your life with a visit to Michael P. Gurklis DMD. As your trusted dentist in Vero Beach, FL, we offer prevention, restoration, and cosmetic dentistry options for patients throughout the area. Whether it is time for your next routine cleaning or you are interested in our cosmetic dentistry in Vero Beach, FL, our team is happy to help you create a healthy and vibrant smile that you will love to show off to the world around you.

Complete Cosmetic Options

Are you tired of hiding your smile in pictures? Don’t let chipped or yellowing teeth rob you of your confidence. At my practice, I offer cosmetic dentistry services for those living with a variety of issues.

Your Local Restorative Dentist

Losing your teeth can be traumatic and scary for individuals of any age. With assistance from a prosthodontist, you will have the right solution to restore and replace your teeth. I have undergone additional training through an American Dental Association-accredited program. Turn to me for a customized restorative dentistry plan for your needs.

Preserving Your Dental Health for Life

While brushing and flossing are both essential towards practicing good dental health, it takes extra care to ensure that your teeth and gums are free of bacteria and plaque. Taking care of your teeth and gums can have a positive impact on other parts of your body, as poor oral health has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and a number of other conditions.

Keep your smile healthy for life when you visit my office for care and treatment. By scheduling a regular appointment with your local dental office, you will identify potential oral health issues before they can progress into painful problems and conditions.

During your initial dental exam, I will conduct a series of tests to determine your current health condition. As part of these tests, I check for the following:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Tooth Grinding Damage
  • Bone Loss
  • Oral Cancer
  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease

If you find yourself searching for a “dentist near me in Vero Beach, FL,” we encourage you to reach out to our dental office to learn more about our services. Taking care of your teeth can have a direct impact on the rest of your body, which is why we strive to help our patients live an altogether healthier life through our services. Contact us today at (772) 978-9788 to schedule your next appointment.